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Make TWO sizes of hats on ONE loom!
The original adjustable size hat loom.


Free Patterns 

The following patterns are available for free.  These are just a few of the many patterns you can make on the Loomtastic! loom.  For additional ideas, please see the pattern books available on our products page.


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    Changing Wrap Patterns


One of the simplest pattern changes is to change the way that the yarn is wrapped around the pegs.  Using the usual wrapping method creates a relatively uniform, flat fabric.  You can create different patterns by changing the direction of wraps and the number of pegs wrapped in each direction.

Normally you wrap each peg in the counter-clockwise direction while working around the loom in the clockwise direction.  If you want a different look, try alternating the direction you wrap the yarn around each peg.  For example, wrap the first peg counter-clockwise, the second clockwise, the third counter-clockwise, etc.  For a more definitive pattern, wrap two, three or four pegs counter-clockwise, then do one or more pegs clockwise.

These alternate wraping patterns can be used on any piece you make on the loom. This includes hats, scarfs, hot pads, or anything else.

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    Hot Pads


In addition to the normal tube type products such as hats and scarfs, you can also make flat products such as hot pads. You can create several different types of hot pads depending on your personal preferences.

The simplest is just a flat square. To create a simple flat square, just wrap the loom back and forth with yarn rather than going all the way around. Make the width of the wraped area wider than you want the resulting hot pad to be because the fabric will shrink when it comes off the loom.

To end flat projects do the following:
1. Finish a row as normal so that you have only one stitch on each peg (normally you would start wraping yarn around the pegs at this point).
2. Starting at the peg OPPOSITE where the loose end of the yarn is, use the loomtastic hook to pull the loop off of the peg and put it onto the hook (you now have a loop of yarn around the barrel of the hook).
3. Again using the loomtastic hook, pull the loop off of the next peg and put it onto the hook (you now have two loops of yarn around the barrel of the hook).
4. This is the tricky part: Using the hook, slide the last loop you picked up (step 3) through the first loop (step 2) so that you only have one loop on the hook.
5. Now repeat steps 3 and 4 continuing around the loom until you have removed all the loops off of all the pegs. At this point you should have one loop on the barrel of the hook and no loops left on the pegs of the loom.
6. Now cut the loose end of the yarn about 3 or 4 inches beyond the hook so that you have a short tail hanging out.
7. Put the tail from step 6 through the loop that you have on the hook as you remove the loop from the barrel of the hook.
8. Pull on the tail until the loop tightens and forms a knot.
9. Using either the hook or a needle, hide the tail of yarn in the work.

If it is easier, you can use a crochet hook rather than the loomtastic hook tool to do the above procedure.

Another option for hot pads is to create a flat piece just as described but make it as wide as a wash cloth and twice as long as it is wide.  Finish it as described above. Now place the wash cloth on one half of the finished knitting and then fold the other half over it to sandwich the cloth inside the knitting. Using a loose piece of yarn on a darning needle sew the two halves of the knitting and the wash cloth together along the three open edges.

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Making a scarf is quite easy. Do exactly the same thing that you would do to make a hat. You can use any of the wrap variations mentioned above to create different looks.  Once you have the scarf as long as you would like it, simply finish the end as you would a flat product (see Hot Pads above).  Now cut short pieces of yarn (4 to 6 inches works well) and tie them onto both ends of the knitting using a larks head (see below) through each loop in the end of the knitting. This will form a fringe on each end of the scarf.

To form a larks head simply fold a piece of yarn in half; push the loop end through the knitting; then put the loose ends of the yarn through the loop and pull tight. See the picture below for an example of a larks head.

Larks Head Knot
Larks Head Knot

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    Other Patterns


If you would like instructions for other things that you can make using your loom, please see the pattern books on the products page. You will find instructions for Christmas stockings, sweaters, afghans, socks and more.

You can search for free patterns on Google or your favorite search engine.

You can also find free patterns on the Free Knitting Pattern Netring

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